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Make a charge! What are you going to be careful about these days?

Topic: that day, Zhu Yuanzhang went to the countryside to herd cattle. He killed a cow for some reasons. After he killed the boss's cow with a stick, he threw the stick at will. Where do you think the stick fell?

A. The space in front of the boss's door

B. The swamp beside the ranch

C. Garden

D. Woods

E. Grassland

F. In the lake

G. On the hills

H. On the hills

Test answer:

Friends who choose 'the open space in front of the boss',

We should be careful about disagreements with employers or disputes at work. We should also guard against legal and legal issues.

Choose a friend from the swamp beside the ranch,

We should be careful to quarrel with people. The target may be young women. In addition, boys should pay attention to emotional problems.

Choose friends in the garden,

Be careful about the paperwork; many things in front of you are just in vain, and observe the truth carefully.

Choose friends from the woods,

Be careful of the safety of traffic and travel; be careful to prevent changes in work or life.

Choose a friend of grass,

Recently, both work and life are likely to change and uneasiness, we should be prepared first, in addition, we should also be careful of the pause of work progress.

Choose friends in the lake,

Be careful when working or feeling bogged down. In addition, pay attention to quarreling with others. The target may be young men.

Choose friends from the hills,

Pay attention to money pressure or money breaking, while those with children should pay attention to children's health.

Choose friends in the field,

We should pay attention to the problems of land or real estate, as well as the harmony of families, especially with mothers.