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What kind of "ghost" upper body do you have recently

Sometimes in life, when ghosts hit the wall, some bad habits are easy to get on the body, making you the same as a person. Sometimes you love beauty but suddenly eat too much and become a greedy ghost. You may also have high moral standards, but suddenly lecherous ghosts get on the body and see passers-by, or you may work very hard, But suddenly become lazy, as if you were a lazy ghost. What kind of bad habits are likely to happen suddenly in the future, just like being a ghost? Take a quiz with Artemis!

Title: if you suddenly have superpowers, which of the following five do you most want?

【A】 Stealth capability

【B】 Through wall capability

【C】 Transformation ability

【D】 Flight capability

【E】 Perspective ability

Choose 'stealth' friends, lecherous upper body

For some time in the future, you will be more likely to have desires and dissatisfaction. It's not necessarily confined to sex, but you begin to feel that only one object seems not enough. You want to develop new objects, engage in ambiguity and enjoy the feeling of love. If you have more development, it's not bad.

If a single candidate comes to this option, frankly speaking, it is really a "big shortage". Maybe Hai doesn't want to be locked up by a single person, or he has been single for too long and needs the supply of love and intimacy, which makes it easy for you to become very lecherous. When you see that handsome men and women want to touch it, the idea of crazy running nightclubs and one night stands is also easy to appear frequently!

Friends who choose 'wall piercing ability' will not be haunted by ghosts

For a period of time in the future, you are not likely to have any evil thoughts or bad habits. In addition, life is also very smooth. For you, life is nothing important in your life, and even a little boring. However, 'no news is good news'. Frankly, ordinary days are also a kind of happiness.

You are a little clear-minded and have little desire. You don't have too many extravagant demands or ideas about life. You are honest and kind to the people around you. Without too much desire, of course, it's not easy to become like a ghost. The people you get along with will be very happy. In a word, happy days are waiting for you.

Choose 'transformation ability' friends, greedy ghost upper body

For some time in the future, you should control your appetite, so as not to eat too much and make your body fat. It should also be said that it is a very happy thing. Your friends will like to find you out to eat in the next month or two, and they all eat delicious food full of good materials and high calories.

Of course, one reason is that you can't resist the temptation of delicious food. The other reason is that you tend to have the idea of eating again and trying to continue. Coupled with the obvious lack of self-control, you have countless opportunities to eat and drink. Although it's a very pleasant thing to eat and drink like this, if you eat too much, you may have to worry about the deformation of your body!

Choose 'flying ability' friends, lazy people

For some time in the future, you should be careful of the situation of the lazy ghost. It is probably that you have been too busy before, and you have made great efforts to sprint for some goals, and your efforts have achieved good results, but the previous effort seems to have been a little excessive, which makes your whole person's momentum a little different from the past.

You, who still want to rest, take a not very serious attitude towards things in life. You feel a little lazy. You even want to take a long vacation. You can't afford to work. You're too lazy to be like mud, and you have a strong tendency to pretend to be dead and escape!

Choose the friend of 'perspective ability', big head ghost upper body

For a period of time in the future, you are easy to become a little too 'self-feeling good', too confident, and even have 'big head disease', which can only say that you are easy to think of yourself very well and are a little capricious, and only want to do anything according to your own ideas and intentions.

Such actions and behaviors make people around you really complain about you. You were expected to figure it out by yourself and not be so difficult, but your 'self feeling good' has reached a very amazing situation. Your wayward attitude makes your colleagues and friends a little unbearable and secretly keep a distance from you!