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The constellation colleague who likes to pull people's hind legs most

First place: Scorpio( Reference sun and mercury)

There are two types of Scorpio. One is a Scorpio who is self-centered, proud and despises others. If his despised colleague is promoted faster than himself, he will be very unhappy. At this time, he will want to attack each other or try to step on him behind his back. The other is a Scorpio with a strong sense of struggle. He likes to prove that he is strong. For this, he can use various means, When he plays dirty tricks, he is quite effective and aggressive.

Second place: cancer.

Cancer is very good at being a man. It can be said that he is a true double-sided man. His words are very lethal. He often speaks some words that sound reasonable but actually mean differentiation. Moreover, he stabbed the weakness of human nature at the first glance, and it is easy to incite others to unite with him.

Third place: Pisces.

Pisces will be happy to help others without damaging himself, but sometimes there are only so many positions. When there are too many monks and too few monks, he will try his best to take advantage of what others can't blame. Coupled with his excellent communication skills, even if others clearly suffer, he can't blame him.

Fourth place: Aries.

Aries is usually gentle and reasonable, but when faced with the pressure of promotion, Aries' competitive psychology comes out. Dazzled by the idea of promotion, he doesn't hesitate to play Yin means, such as communicating with the boss in private and taking the opportunity to pull the hind legs of his competitors... And so on.

Fifth: Gemini.

Gemini has a self righteous sense of justice. For people who are angry with others, he will find a way to show them to everyone. He will not only pull back behind his back, but also choke directly in front of the other side. Therefore, he often causes a lot of unnecessary trouble for himself.