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Which one will you give up in the face of all kinds of temptations

In the busy and tense modern society, many people emphasize the new life movement. It is necessary to adjust the current lifestyle and change it to a simple and natural way. What do you think you need to discard most?

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A. Luxurious view of money

B. Want to be famous

C. Workaholic sense of achievement

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A. Opportunities are hard to come by for you. When you start to pursue hard, the result is thankless. When you are on the verge of despair and giving up, the opportunity comes to you automatically. It feels wonderful, but your luck has always been very good. You often have the result of inadvertently inserting willows into the shade. When you encounter an opportunity that can be expressed, take advantage of it!

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B. Your eyes are as sharp as falcons. As long as you see the right opportunities, most of them are foolproof. Whether you can express yourself, become famous or make money, you will pursue it regardless of the consequences, in order to strive for the benefits that can be brought to yourself. You are born with the capital to live in the spotlight and are easy to succeed.

C. All the performance opportunities are obtained through your unremitting efforts. You are a serious and persistent person. As long as you set your goal and don't break into a world, you can't give up easily. You are a person who knows how to grasp the opportunity and will succeed because of your courage, but remember to keep a cool head when the opportunity comes, so as not to make wrong judgments and cause adverse effects.