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DIY homemade sour and sweet yogurt makes your summer colorful

Yogurt is a favorite drink for many young mm. It is a kind of milk product that takes fresh milk as raw material, pasteurizes it, then adds beneficial bacteria (starter) to the milk, ferments it, and then cools it. Xiaobian also likes to drink yogurt very much. It can not only improve gastric motility, help digestion, but also be a good product for beauty. How can it not make people excited?

Methods of making yoghurt

Raw materials: pure milk 500ml, original yogurt 125ml.

Tools: electric rice cooker, covered porcelain cup, spoon, microwave oven (you can also use other methods to heat milk, but microwave oven is not only fast, but also easy to control the heating temperature).


1. Put the cup (with cover) and spoon in the rice cooker, add water and boil for 10 minutes for disinfection.

2. Take out the cup and pour in the milk (if the milk is fresh, it has been disinfected well, so you don't need to boil it for disinfection). Heat the milk in the microwave oven and touch the wall of the cup with your hand.

3. Add yogurt to the warm milk, stir well with a spoon and cover.

4. Turn off the power of the electric rice cooker, pour out the hot water in the cooker, put the porcelain cup into the electric rice cooker, cover the lid of the electric rice cooker, cover it with a clean towel or other insulation materials, and use the waste heat in the cooker for fermentation.

5. After 8-10 hours, the low sugar yogurt is ready.

Health tips:

1. The strain yogurt can not be added with fruit, let alone fruit yogurt.

2. If the temperature of the milk is too high, it will kill the lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt and cause the failure of fermentation. If the temperature is too low, it will cause the slow fermentation, so it is better to feel it without hot hands.

3. It is not allowed to ferment with the insulation block of the electric rice cooker, because the temperature of the insulation is too high, so the electric rice cooker must be cut off during the fermentation. If you make yogurt in winter, you can ferment the porcelain cup on the heater.

4. It's better to use porcelain cup with lid for fermentation container, or hard plastic cup, but if the quality of the cup is not up to standard, it's easy to deform during heating and disinfection.

5. It is better not to use disinfectant for container disinfection, because if the washing is not clean, lactic acid bacteria will be killed and fermentation will fail.

6. Anti milk (containing antibiotics) or reduced milk (milk reduced from milk powder) are not suitable for yogurt raw materials.