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How many kitchen tips do you know about beer?

Beer is a common spare part on the wine table. It is the oldest alcoholic drink of human beings. It is the third drink in the world after water and tea. In addition to beer for people to drink, in fact, there are many uses, do not believe to take a look!

Eight wonderful cooking functions of beer

1. Dilute the flour with beer. Pour it on the sliced meat or shredded meat, and the fried meat is tender and delicious, especially when cooking beef in this way, the effect is better.

2. When mixing flour with beer, the small pancakes are crisp and fragrant.

3. The proper amount of beer is kneaded into the dough of baking bread to make the bread easy to bake and add a flavor close to meat.

4. When making fatter meat or fish, add a glass of beer, which can eliminate the greasy taste and make it very refreshing.

5. Soak chicken in salt, pepper and beer for 1-2 hours to remove the smell of chicken. When making steamed chicken, marinate the chicken in water with appropriate amount of beer for 15 minutes, then take it out and steam it. The steamed chicken will be extra smooth and fresh. In recent years, the popular 'beer duck' is such a practice.

6. Stew fish with beer, beer and fish can produce enzyme reaction when stewing, so the stewed fish taste better.

7. When making cold dishes, use beer instead of boiling water, soak the vegetables in beer, cook for a while, and then let them cool. This kind of cold dishes tastes delicious.

8. When mixing dumpling stuffing, put some beer in the right amount, and the boiled dumplings will be more tender and delicious. The above are the eight tips about beer summarized by Xiaobian. Don't forget these tips when you push a glass with a friend to change one. Maybe they will bring you a different kind of wonderful life!