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Recommended by editor: four ways to choose fresh litchi

Su Dongpo said, "if you eat 300 lychees a day, you will never be a native of Lingnan.". Spring is the flowering and fruiting period of litchi. Friends who like to eat litchi must guard against the "make-up" method of "spraying acid to make it fresh" by illegal vendors. Eating litchi sprayed with hydrochloric acid will burn the digestive tract. Today Xiaobian will teach you how to choose fresh litchi?

Watch out for the litchi that will turn fresh with acid

Makeup technique: due to the short storage time of litchi, vendors often buy semi-finished or even raw litchi, soak it in diluted hydrochloric acid, or spray dilute hydrochloric acid on the surface of litchi, and the unripe litchi skin will become red, tender and fresh.

Recognition skills

Look: because fresh lychees are stored for a short time, they usually need to be refrigerated at low temperature. If you see lychees randomly put in boxes by vendors and covered with plastic sheets, most of them are "problem" lychees.

Touch: when choosing 'make-up' lychees, your hands will feel hot and hot, and even feel burned.

"Make up" litchi is heavier than natural ripe litchi.

Smell: the natural ripe litchi has a light smell of litchi itself, while the 'make-up' litchi has no smell, a little sour smell, and even the smell of chemicals.