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How to put kiwifruit to become soft in winter? How to ripen kiwifruit

How can kiwifruit be softened in winter? Because of the characteristics of kiwifruit, kiwifruit must be picked before it is completely mature, which is not only convenient for transportation, but also more delicious when eating. Generally, we can ripen kiwifruit according to the following methods after we buy it.

First, consumers can do it at home. That is to say, put the ripe apple or banana and kiwi together and cover them tightly with a sealed bag. For 3-4 days or even a week or so, kiwifruit around apples or bananas will soon ripen and become soft, and the hairy skin can be easily peeled off.

This is because fruits will release a small amount of ethylene in the process of natural ripening, and ethylene is one of the five natural plant hormones commonly existing in plants, which can accelerate the ripening of fruits.

If you don't soften properly after doing this, it may be because your apples or bananas are put less or uneven, or the temperature is too low. In general, every kilogram of kiwifruit put a cut apple or banana, the more apples or bananas loaded, the better ripening effect. If the temperature is too low, the ripening time will be prolonged.

From a chemical point of view, the best ripening conditions for Kiwifruit are: temperature of 21-25 ℃, relative humidity of 90%, sufficient oxygen.