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How to marinate pig liver is the key to deodorization

How to pickle pig liver? Compared with when I was a child, I like eating pig liver very much. Pig liver has high nutritional value, such as eyesight, blood, iron and so on. Usually I use fresh pig liver to pickle at home, which is the key to do a good job of deodorization.

However, when we cook pig liver at home, we will find that firstly, it is not easy to cut, soft and collapsing, and the knife is not easy to use. Secondly, pig liver often has a special smell, or it has a fishy smell, so removing this fishy smell becomes the key before we cook pig liver dishes.

1. First of all, we need to wash the pig liver bought from the supermarket, cut it horizontally, and remove the fascia and fat. Of course, if we buy small pieces of pig liver, the supermarket has removed the fascia and fat at the time of sale, just need to clean it.

2. Then we need to wipe off the water on the surface of the cleaned pig liver, put it on a flat plate, attach the preservative film, and put it in the refrigerator freezer for 30 minutes. It makes the pig liver in a slightly frozen state, so that it will be easy to cut and more labor-saving when slicing again. (note that the top layer of pig liver will be air dried if it is frozen with plastic wrap)

3. When slicing pig liver, the knife should be at an angle of 50 degrees, and the thickness should be about 3mm. If it's a little hard, you need to cut it a little thicker. Because of the ice water, the liver will become thinner naturally.

4. The sliced pig liver should be put into a bowl and washed with clean water to remove as much blood as possible, so as to reduce the so-called fishy smell.

5. After washing, place the pig liver on the fence and control the water. Prepare to marinate.

6. We need scallion, ginger, salt, chicken powder, raw meal and cooking wine for pickling.

7. First of all, we smash the scallion and ginger with a knife, and then cut them into small pieces. Next, take the right amount of salt, chicken powder, raw powder and cooking wine to mix, put into the pig liver, gently stir clockwise with your hand, and then add the scallion and ginger. Stir to make it mixed evenly. After 30 minutes, we can cook our favorite pork liver dishes.

Food sharing from all over the world: Patients with high cholesterol, high cholesterol and obesity should eat less animal liver, which has high cholesterol. Office workers who usually face computers should eat more.