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Pay attention to the time when steaming and baking sausages in microwave oven

How to bake sausage in microwave oven? You can observe that the business of selling roast sausage on the street is very hot now. For us, it's easy to buy similar sausage that has not been baked before. But this roast sausage is the problem. Where to bake it and how to bake it in microwave oven?

1. Take out two and put them on the plate (no need to thaw them first). First, use a toothpick or knife to make some holes in the sausage, or it may explode

2. Then put it in the microwave oven. Note that instead of using the barbecue function of the microwave oven, directly use the high heat of the microwave oven, and set the time a little more than one minute (generally speaking, it's 1:10 to 1:30. I don't know if the power of different microwave ovens is the same), and don't exceed 1:30. Otherwise, it's possible to dry, crack and paste. After this is done, it tastes good

3. Also, there is ice on the sausage at first. During heating, the ice turns into water and remains on the plate, so that the part of the sausage touching the plate is wet. My method is to take two disposable bamboo chopsticks, break them and put them on the plate, and then put the sausage on them.

Four seas food sharing: many people use the microwave oven to roast sausage, it's easy to make Hu. I suggest you don't use the barbecue function, just use my method, so it's delicious to fry.