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How to thin the small intestine of a pig with sausage

How does the small intestine of a pig with sausage get thinner? If we use the small intestine of a pig, the casings we see are very different. The small intestine of a pig is too thick. How can we make it thinner?

Ingredients: 5 jin pork (fat to lean ratio is 3:7), 40g salt, 10g pepper powder, 40g sugar, 10g pepper powder, 10g ginger powder, 50g Gaogao Baijiu, 50g red wine, 30g soy sauce, proper amount of casing,


1. After washing the pork, drain the water and cut it into one centimeter cubes.

2. Add salt, pepper powder, sugar, pepper powder, ginger powder, white wine, red wine and soy sauce to the diced meat. Put on disposable gloves and turn over the diced meat evenly by hand. Then beat the diced meat in the same direction and mix the meat and ingredients evenly.

3. Marinate for about 6 hours. Turn it up and down every 2 hours to make the seasoning uniform. Prevent high temperature, sunlight and dust pollution when pickling.

4. Pickled casings are soaked in clean water for 10 minutes, then kneaded 3-4 times repeatedly to remove the salt on the surface, and finally soaked in clean water for standby; the inside of the casings is soaked with clean water, so that it is much easier to pour without sticking.

5. Fry the beverage bottle into a funnel shape along the mouth of the bottle.

6. Put the washed casing on the mouth of the water bottle, and tie it tightly with thread, or directly pinch it with hand. Tie the other end of the casing tightly with thread, or knot it directly.

7. Put the mixed meat stuffing in the bottle, gently poke it with chopsticks to fill the sausage casing until it is filled with meat stuffing; divide a sausage into 3-4 parts, tie it tightly with cotton thread, and then prick some small holes on the sausage with needle.

8. The prepared sausage should be hung in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight, let it dry naturally, and then steamed or cooked, or sliced and fried.

Sihai cuisine tips: if you are using pig small intestine, you should pay attention to the use of starch and water washing is the best. If you don't want to trouble, you can directly buy special casings in the vegetable market. These purchased casings can be used after being soaked and washed with white wine.