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How to make pork enema? Home made enema recipe

How to make pork enema? This time, we share the most simple method of pork enema. Instead of casing, we use tin foil and do not need to air dry. We use steaming to cool it thoroughly.

Home made spiced pork sausage

1. Put the meat in the container and add all the seasonings. ?

2. Mix the stuffing with meat film for 20 minutes. ?

3. Wrap the meat tightly and put it in the microwave oven. Heat for 1 minute until the meat is well cooked. Try the taste. If you feel that the taste does not meet your requirements, you can continue to add seasoning and stir until you are satisfied, and then make the next step. ?

4. Place the tin foil on the cutting board with the matte side up, and put a proper amount of meat stuffing into one end of the tin foil, leaving about 2cm on both sides.

5. Roll up the tin foil tightly, hold the two ends, squeeze the meat to the middle, then tighten the two ends, and tie the two ends tightly with cotton thread.

6. Put it in the steamer, cover it and steam for 20 minutes. After steaming, take it out and cool it thoroughly. Peel off the tin foil chip and code it.

Food sharing: it's better to buy the kind of tin foil that can be used in the kitchen, which can be bought in the supermarket. This one must be put into such a homemade pork enema.