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Making street snack eggs with electric cake

When I went to Hong Kong this year, I found that egg cubs frequently appeared on the streets of Hong Kong, which was very popular. I was lucky to have a normal time, but it was very delicious, but it was not very common here. This time, a mother gave me this prescription, saying that children would like it. I didn't expect that the finished product was egg cubs.

Ingredients: 160g low flour, 100g egg, 60g milk, 50g water, 75g sugar, 50g corn oil, 4G baking powder


1. I usually use three eggs, but the weight of the eggs is different every time. It doesn't matter. Just adjust the amount of water. That is to say, the amount of eggs and water is 150g.

2. Add water and milk, beat well at low speed, add corn oil, continue to beat well at low speed, sift in the mixture of low flour and baking powder, stir evenly with egg beater at low speed to form a batter, cover with plastic film and let stand for 20 minutes.

3. Preheat the mold, brush a thin layer of oil, pour in the batter, close the mold, heat it with a low fire for 30 seconds and turn it over.

4. The whole process needs to keep turning, and to move the position of the mold, so that every part of the mold evenly heated.

5. Until Chengdu and Chengdu are golden, and the mold no longer emits heat from both sides, it's almost done. The prepared eggs are gently moved to the air net to cool slightly. It's good to eat them while they are hot or cool, but it's better not to keep them for the next day. They're not as crisp as the first day.

Food sharing: This is a special tool I borrowed. If I have a common electric cake pan at home, I have to choose a good mold first. This method is the same.