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How to make steamed buns with flour

How to make steamed buns right? There are usually two ways to make steamed buns fat or use yeast, both of which are very simple, but remember that if it is winter, you must remember to put the kneaded noodles in a warm place.

There are two ways to make facial hair

1. Use flour fertilizer to make flour (usually called alkali flour)

Soak the dough fertilizer with water first, then pour the dough in and mix it evenly. Wake up for 8 hours and wait for the dough to start twice as much as before. Then wake up for half an hour when there is no sour smell and a little alkali smell. When steaming, put some vinegar in the pot to prevent the steamed buns from having flower spots. Be sure to put the steamed buns in with cold water and then turn on the electricity

2. Use filial piety to make face

Ingredients: 500 grams of flour, 3 grams of dry yeast, 5 grams of baking powder, 1 liang of soybean oil, warm water (250-300 grams), 20 grams of sugar according to the amount of flour.


1. Pour the flour on the chopping board, add dry yeast, baking powder, sugar, mix well. Dig the hole

2. Add warm water and soybean oil into the pit. Mix and knead the dough. Wake up a little. About 1 hour

3. When you wake up, make your own steamed buns, slow head and rolls

4. Put the green body into the drawer. Put cold water into the pot. Plug in the electricity

Steam for 13 minutes. (if steamed bread is about 30-40 minutes, if steamed scroll is 17 minutes)

Food sharing: some people say it's easy to make dough with yeast, but you have to be an expert to make dough fat. In fact, it's all the same. It just depends on which method you use. Because I'm a native of the north, I think it's easier to make dough fat.