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How to steam rice with pressure cooker

How to steam rice with pressure cooker? No matter what kind of rice is steamed with pressure cooker, it is generally the same. If you use pressure cooker to steam rice, you only need to master the amount of water and the steaming time for a long time.

First, we measure the amount of rice in a container. Next, the first secret - washing rice: washing rice must not be more than three times. If it is more than three times, the nutrition in rice will be lost, and the flavor of steamed rice will be reduced. Remember not to wash rice more than three times.

Soak rice: soak rice in cold water for 1 hour. This allows the rice grains to fully absorb water. The steamed rice will be plump.

The third secret -- the ratio of rice to water: when steaming rice, the ratio of rice to water should be 1:1.2. There is a very simple way to measure the amount of water. Put the index finger into the rice water as long as the water exceeds the first joint of the rice index finger.

Zengxiang: if the rice in your home is already old rice, it doesn't matter. Old rice can also steam the taste of new rice. That is, after the first three processes, we add a small amount of refined salt or peanut oil into the pot. Remember that peanut oil must be cooked and cooled. Just add a little to the pan. Now, you can plug it in and start steaming. Steamed, crystal clear and full, rice four benefits.

Steamed rice with vinegar

Cooked rice should not be put for a long time, especially in summer, rice is easy to turn sour. When steaming rice, put some vinegar in the proportion of 1.5 kg rice and 2-3 ml vinegar, which can make the rice easy to store and prevent rancidity. Moreover, the steamed rice has no sour taste, on the contrary, the rice is more fragrant.

Add oil to steam rice

Old rice steamed rice is not as delicious as new rice, but as long as you change the method of steamed rice, it will make old rice as delicious as new rice.

The method is: soak it in clean water for two hours, remove it and drain it, then put it into the pot with proper amount of hot water, 1 tbsp lard or vegetable oil, boil it with high heat, and then simmer for half an hour. If you use a pressure cooker, simmer for 8 minutes.

Food sharing from all over the world: Here's a small way to share with you. There are many families. Some people like to eat hard food, while others like to eat soft food. When steaming, the rice has a certain slope. If you absorb more water, it will be soft. If you have less water, it will be hard. Everyone is happy.