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How to kill eels

How to kill eels? It's difficult for us to kill the nutritious and delicious food in eels, but it's a piece of cake to put it in the hands of experts. The skill is to knock and fall, as long as we remember it quickly and accurately.

The most simple and convenient way is to:

Grasp the tail of the eel with one hand, quickly lift it up, and throw the head of the eel to the hard ground or the edge of the pool (don't loosen your hand), so that the live fish will be knocked unconscious, and then they can be killed calmly.

The main points of this method are as follows: first, you don't have to worry about getting bitten by fish and shrink your hands (you haven't heard of eel hurting people yet!); second, you must move quickly and accurately; third, you must catch and kill one by one; you can't catch a few just to save trouble.

If you are afraid of being bitten by the fish or unable to lift the eel and dare not kill the eel alive, you can first scald the eel with boiling water and then kill it.

The specific method is as follows: boil a pot of boiling water, and then put the eel into the pot after the water is removed, and quickly cover it (to prevent the eel from fleeing out) and turn off the heat to simmer for a few minutes. When the fish's mouth is open and the fish's body is curled, it means that it is dead. It can be immediately fished out and immersed in cold water.

After that, you can use both hands to wash off the mucus on the fish, and then hold the eel head in your left hand and use a flat bamboo stick in your right hand. Pull the fish body (the same way as killing eel alive) until the whole eel meat is obtained.

When eel is processed by this method, 3% salt and 5% vinegar are added to the boiling water for scalding. It is said that the eel meat will not be scalded and crisp, and the smell will be removed. Those who are interested may as well have a try.