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What kind of fish do you want to choose? Learn how to make authentic sauerkraut fish

Sauerkraut fish teach you how to make meat not loose? The best way to make sauerkraut fish is grass carp. It's fat and beautiful, but it doesn't pay much attention to the materials. They are all home-made materials, but the ingenious combination of them has become a popular sauerkraut fish.

Ingredients: sauerkraut, grass carp, mountain pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, dry pepper, Chinese prickly ash, Pixian Douban, sesame, pepper, salt, salad oil, raw powder

1. Generally, grass carp or black fish is better. Wash the fish, pay attention to wash the black membrane in the abdominal cavity, cut off the shark fin, separate the body and head, cut the fish head to each other. (not suitable for cutting off)

2. Press the body of the fish with your hand, hold the knife close to the upper edge of the fish's spine with your other hand, feel the position of the fish's bone, and adjust the direction of the knife in time to separate the head from the fish.

3. Put the pieces of fish horizontally and slice them one by one along the direction from the tail to the head with a knife. The thickness of each piece is about 5-7mm.

4. Take an egg and pour it with both hands. Pour out the egg white and mix with half a bowl of water. Cut the scallion, ginger and garlic and set aside.

5. Cut the fish bone into sections, put it into the basin together with the fish fillet and fish head, add a little salt and cooking wine, stir, and then put in the egg white and raw meal soup. (it can be placed for a while for better effect)

6. Sauerkraut and pepper. Cut the pepper into granules and put it into the pickled cabbage. How to make pickled fish delicious with seasoning bag

7. Heat the oil in the pot. When the oil is 60% hot, put the bean paste, garlic (granules) and ginger (granules) into the pot. Then put the pepper and sauerkraut into the pot. After the aroma overflows, put the fish head and bone. Then add water or stock and bring to a boil

8. Simmer over low heat for 5-7 minutes, then season with chicken essence and salt. Try to scoop a little soup with a small spoon. Then use a colander to pick up the fish bones and sauerkraut and put them into the basin to be filled.

9. The fire makes the water boil again, and then put the fish fillets into the boiling water. After the water boils again for 10 seconds (generally, the fire is about 40 seconds), put all the soup and fish fillets into the basin with bones. (Note: don't turn over too much when cooking fish fillets, which can ensure the integrity of fish fillets. )

10. Then put the scallion, pepper and sesame on the surface. Wash the pan, add about 1 liang of oil, add dry pepper, a little pepper, etc. until the oil is hot, pour the oil into the previous basin. Such a delicious sauerkraut fish is ready.

Four seas food sharing: if you make sauerkraut fish, you must pay attention to the third part of my processing process. It's better to follow the requirements. If the direction is reversed, the cooked fish is broken.