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Self made nutritious milk tea with black tea

Last night, a friend sent me a milk tea made with tea late at night. This morning, he tried to make it. It's a good way. It's just right to warm up in winter. Don't miss this good way.

Pot boiled milk tea

Ingredients: Milk 200ml, Water 200ml, red tea 5g, honey 5g


1. Pour water into a small pot, heat to boiling, pour in black tea, boil until it turns brown and fragrant, about half a minute to about a minute.

2. Pour the milk into the pan and turn to low heat. Keep the heat low until bubbles appear at the edge of the milk. Turn off the heat.

3. Leave it aside for a while and strain out the tea. Add honey to drink.

I would like to emphasize that you'd better add a little honey. This kind of milk tea is sweet but not dry. In the past, I used the method of brewing milk tea, but the effect is not good. In this case, the ratio of milk and water is 1:1, so the taste is good. When cooking, it's still the old rule. Don't let the milk boil and bubble, so there won't be milk smell.