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What do you have to know in the soup to make it delicious

As a secret 'weapon' of a culinary master, broth can always play a role in Turning Ordinary dishes into magical ones. In a pure milk like soup, the essence of a variety of ingredients is quiet. It will only be released at a critical moment. Xiaobian will salvage the ingredients for boiling soup today.

1. Choose a fresh old chicken and let the shop keeper slaughter it. Remove the viscera, wash the hair, cut off the root of the chicken neck, remove the neck and the head, then cut off the bottom and the surrounding fat together, and chop the chicken claw from the joint for use.

2. Cut the old chicken into two parts with a vertical knife from the middle of the chest. Clean the remaining viscera and blood water in the cavity with water carefully. Then look over the old chicken carefully to see if there are residual chicken feathers. Be sure to remove them.

3. Cut off the duck head and buttocks together, and chop them into large pieces about 10 cm in size.

4. Rinse the pork tenderloin (300g) with water and cut it into 2cm cubes so as to separate out the delicious ingredients.

5. Cut the pig's elbow, pick out the bone in the middle, and then cut the meat into large pieces about 10 cm in size.

6. Pig stick bone (400g) and the bone in the pig's elbow are washed with water to remove the blood on the surface, and then chopped into large pieces with a chopper. In this way, nutrients in bone and bone marrow can be quickly integrated into the soup.

7. Tilt the blade 45 degrees, scrape on the pigskin (100g), remove the remaining pig hair, turn over the pigskin, and use the knife to remove the extra fat on the inside. Wash the chicken feet (5 feet, add the remaining chicken feet of the old chicken, a total of 7 feet), and cut off the nails for use.