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You can do it after watching it

When it comes to cooking, it's not the key to make a good job.

Five private moves to kill twice cooked pork

The first move: after sliced meat, grab it with soy sauce, taste fresh and fragrant

Second move: use chopsticks to test the hardness and softness of cooked meat. If it is too hard, it means that it is too raw. If it is too soft, it is not suitable for cooking, which will affect the taste of meat

The third move: fresh meat into the water, add a spoonful of rice wine, to the meat smell

The fourth move: add Douchi to stir fry, improve the flavor and color, Douchi has a unique aroma and easy to color the meat

The fifth move: after the pot dry stir, as far as possible to stir out the oil, can improve the flavor, stir fried meat to eat up with barbecue flavor

There are many tips in life, and there are also many private moves in cooking. These are the accumulation and summary of daily life experience. Every cook or cook has his own private moves. No matter how many, it is an attitude to be willing to share and harvest happiness in sharing!