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Peeled chestnuts can't be peeled by brute force

When we eat chestnuts, we will encounter the problem of shelling, especially when chestnuts are put into vegetables. Because no one will burn chestnuts with shells, they will peel off the shells. The problem of peeling shells is that the chestnut shells are hard and slippery. If we peel them by hand, we can not only hurt our fingernails but also our fingers. What can we do? Is there any simple and effective way to peel chestnuts?

1. Put the chestnut flat on the cutting board, press it with one hand, and cut it along the chestnut cutting line from top to bottom with the other hand. This dividing line refers to the junction between the bottom of chestnut and the body of chestnut, and the bottom is thicker and thicker, so it will not cut into the chestnut meat

2. Lift the chestnut shell from the incision with a hard stainless steel spoon handle to leave the chestnut flesh with coat. First remove all the hard shells and then remove the coat

3. It is difficult to peel the coat alone. When the boiling water in the boiling pot has small bubbles, pour the chestnut meat with coat into the pot, so that each chestnut can bubble in the boiling water

4. Soak it for about 5 minutes and take out the coat when it feels moist

5. Tear the skin with your hand while it is hot, so that the skin is relatively neat and good, and it will not hurt your hand. If it is cold in the middle of the way, pour it into the pot to heat it, then take it out and tear the coat

For this skillful method of peeling chestnuts, I would like to summarize the following points

1. When removing the hard shell, you must use tools, which can be the handle of a knife or stainless steel spoon. Do not use your hand to pick and peel it, which will hurt your hand

2. When cutting with a knife, press and hold the chestnut carefully. Don't be careless. The incision should be along the dividing part, and the chestnut meat will not be hurt when the knife goes down

3. When going to the coat, boil the water and scald it. The coat will be wet when meeting water and will expand when meeting high temperature. It is very easy to tear it

In short, you can win by removing the outer shell and then the outer garment. It's so simple. If you can't, practice it~~