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Let kitchen plastic basin take on a new look

Plastic products play a variety of important roles in our life, but after a long time, it is inevitable that many plastic products will become dirty due to careless cleaning or accidental dyeing. Although plastic products are not expensive, they can be thrown away because of discoloration. It's a waste. But when you use them, you feel uncomfortable. For example, there will always be a layer of yellow things difficult to remove in a lunch box that has been filled with curry; there will be a layer of dirty stains in the gap of the leaky net because it is inconvenient to clean for a long time; what colored things have been cut on the plastic chopping board can no longer be washed off. Today's small make-up tips, let plastic products glow with youth and shine again.

The method is very simple: 1) mix 84 disinfectant and clean water in the ratio of 1:200, put the plastic products that need skin change and soak for 2 hours.

2) Then rinse with water repeatedly, it is OK, the effect is very good, will not produce any corrosion to the plastic products. Besides whitening, it's also a disinfection job.

3) If you encounter the plastic products which are seriously stained by curry, the soaking time can be extended by more than 4 hours, or it can be soaked overnight.

If you don't use it on clothes, don't use it on clothes. The water soaked in plastic products can be poured into the toilet and soaked for 1 hour, which can also play a cleaning role.