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A piece of paper can solve the problem of scale, and the solution of kettle rust

The water quality in the north is not good enough. Use the kettle to boil water, after a few days, the kettle will form a layer of white alkali. Even after precipitation, into the cup, there will be some water alkali particles. Always drink bottled water, too expensive, the quality is also very different. If the nozzle is not cleaned regularly, there will be a large number of bacteria breeding, which is even worse for the body. In fact, when you buy a soda filter in the supermarket and put it into a pot, you can heat it together. Whether it's an electric kettle or an ordinary kettle, you can avoid the trouble of raw soda. Xiaobian tells you how to use scale filter.

1. Put the filter into the pot, add 3 / 4 pot of water, heat and bring to a boil. The water should not be too full. During heating, the filter will expand, otherwise it will pop out easily.

2. Water alkali filter should be cleaned once a week. The method is very simple. Put it under the faucet and hold the filter repeatedly while flushing. The water and alkali absorbed by the filter will be washed out.

3. I suggest you change a new one every month. The price of a water alkali filter is about 3 yuan.

4. If there is water alkali in the kettle, please clean it first (with the scale cleaning liquid or vinegar sold in the supermarket), and then use the water alkali filter.