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I cut onions without tears

Before, a lot of people have discussed the problem of cutting onions and shedding tears. There are many ways to solve what you have encountered in your life. If you want to, share it with more people here. Here are some tips from talented housewives. Here are some tips for you.

1. Cut the onion in the water. Who came up with the idea

2. Dip the knife in water and then cut the onion. (the slicing is OK. Cut the onion into pieces. I'm tired. )

3. Light the candle. (it works. But it costs money, and it takes a lot of trouble. The ceremony of cutting onions with a candle is too grand. )

4. Put a bowl of water on the edge of the cutting board. (a very unreliable method, tried, completely ineffective. )

5. Bring swimming glasses. (he's flustered and can't see clearly. You'll jump into the kitchen. )

6. Keep a mouthful of water in your mouth until the onion is cut. (it's a very effective method after trying. I recommend it to you. )

7. Hurry up with an onion cutter. No matter cut, cut, cut, cut, no tears. Disadvantages: need to clean every time. )