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Health natto can be easily made with yogurt machine

After fermentation, soybean has become a high protein nutrient with rich nutrition. After using natto, it can eliminate part of cholesterol in the body, decompose acidified lipids, and restore normal blood pressure. In recent years, natto's beauty, slimming, anti-aging, and blood vessel treatment are fried very hot. No matter whether there is such a big effect or not, I think women eat a few soybeans rich in soybean isoflavones every day It's always good for your health. The natto bought in the supermarket has a long storage time and high price. You may as well make your own home-made natto to to give full play to the best effect of natto. The fermentation temperature of natto requires a constant temperature of 38-42 ℃, and the yoghurt machine is exactly the same temperature. Do not buy expensive natto machine, use yogurt machine to make natto, one thing can be used for many purposes.

Materials: 150 grams of soybean natto

Methods: 1. Wash and soak 150 grams of soybean with water, soak the soybean in three cups of water to make the soybean fully soaked. 6-9 hours in summer and 12-15 hours in winter.

2. Add a small amount of water pressure cooker to steam the soaked soybeans for 40 minutes. Cook the beans thoroughly and make them shrivel when you pinch them.

3. Take half a grain of natto and dissolve it in 5ml warm water,

4. Inoculate. Pour the steamed soybean into the container while it is hot (60-70 ℃), evenly pour it into the bean, and stir it fully and evenly with sterile chopsticks.

5. Cover the acid and hunger proof food. Turn on the power and ferment for 16-24 hours. The end of fermentation is based on the fact that the long filaments can be pulled out by stirring natto (not large area, a few bean experiments).

6. It is normal for natto to to have stinky ammonia smell. If there is acid smell and bitter taste, it means that the contaminated bacteria can not be eaten.

7. After the end of ripening fermentation, put natto into a box and refrigerate for a bowl. In this way, natto will be better in both appearance and taste. If you can't finish eating in a week, place the frozen layer and thaw naturally before eating.