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To choose raw chicken, we should see the unique skill of distinguishing feed chicken and free range

Generally speaking, the farming time of rural domestic chicken (hereinafter referred to as domestic chicken) is relatively long, while that of group fed chicken (hereinafter referred to as feed chicken) in chicken farm is relatively short due to the ratio of feed to meat benefit, which can be identified by the following methods:

Look at the coat color. Generally, the coat color of domestic chicken is bright and neat, while that of feed chicken is relatively dark and disordered. Especially for the capillaries, the tail feathers of domestic chickens are not only bright but also long. They are naturally bent like sickles, which are very neat and beautiful.

Second, look at the age of the chicken. At the same size, domestic chicken looks old, while feed chicken appears tender. But inexperienced people are hard to see.

Look at the chicken skin. Generally speaking, the skin of domestic chicken is naturally yellow and bright, while the feed chicken is relatively white. You can use your hand to pluck the chicken feather and identify it from the skin around the chip removal hole or chicken breast. However, there are also cases that feed with yellow pigment before putting into the market can increase the yellow pigmentation of chicken skin, which should be combined with the above methods for identification.

Look at chicken feet. There is a distance between the nail and the upper part of the hind paw of the chicken. The domestic chicken is often raised for a long time, and the older the chicken is, the longer it is; the feed chicken usually has only one pimple. At the same time, the scales of the legs and shins of domestic chickens were generally rough and even scratched, while those of feed chickens were rare. However, we should be careful of the scam that Wuliang put the feed chicken into the black ash soil for a short time to dirty the chicken feet.

Five, look at the chicken. Compared with domestic chicken, feed chicken is not strong enough and can be identified by pressing chicken breast meat. As long as you master the above 5, you have the golden eye to choose chicken. Congratulations!