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It's not hard to eat a good year's potatoes. I'll give them a physical examination

Speaking of potatoes, I think every family likes to eat potatoes. I have met a neighbor and two daughters who eat potatoes almost every day. Please note that it is not the poor conditions of his family, but the problem of taste. No matter rice or noodles, we should eat potatoes. It's totally potato controlled. So the fresh potatoes will only take a month. We should eat potatoes all year round. How to control the first step? It is more important to choose good potatoes. Today, I'd like to give you a physical examination

1. If there is no broken skin, try to choose the round one. The rounder the better. Skin must be dry, do not have blisters, otherwise the preservation time is short, the taste is not good. Don't have sprouts and green ones. That's about it.

2. The potatoes with tender buds already contain toxin and should not be eaten. If you find that the skin of a potato turns green, do not eat it even if it is very light green. Because potatoes turn green is a sign of the presence of toxic alkaloids, if you eat it will be toxic.

3. Poor quality tubers are small and uneven, damaged or wormed holes, wilted and softened, sprouted or greened, mixed with more insect pests and disabled tubers;

4. There must be no small bud on the potato with rotten smell, otherwise it will be harmful to the human body. There is also the fresh color. There is no black part similar to blood stasis. Most of the inside is bad. Of course, the price is also on the one hand. The real price is the best!

There are two kinds of potatoes, yellow and white. Yellow meat is better than flour. White meat is a little sweet. Too large potatoes may grow out of date and have coarse fibers. Frostbitten or rotten potatoes, flesh color turned gray or black spots, moisture shrinkage, should be discarded.

Well, a very detailed selection of potatoes, my potato doctor is not bad. Ha ha~~~