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Fried bean curd with cabbage heart

That kind of first rich and then fragrant taste, actually is just like someone, some indifferent person, get along with slowly, there is a kind of unspeakable taste, will be unconsciously attracted. Tofu, a clean body, taste long, the more small dishes more serious, otherwise a careless, not delicious.

Materials: rape, bean curd, shrimp sauce, meat slices, cooking wine, sugar, monosodium glutamate

1. Wash rape, cut inch section, blanch for standby, tofu cut square, blanch for standby

2. Stir fry pork slices with water and starch in advance, stir fry in the pan in advance, remove and set aside

3. Put oil in the pan, stir fry with scallion and ginger powder to prevent the shrimp sauce from splashing with oil for a while, then put the shrimp paste, stir fry well, add cooking wine and sugar a little, to remove the fishy smell of shrimp sauce

4. Then put in a little water, meat, tofu, stew for a moment, let the tofu taste, then add rape stir fry, put monosodium glutamate.