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How to remove the fishy smell of carp

Eating carp is used to take out the two tendons commonly known as fishy thread on carp body, so the prepared carp will get rid of the fishy smell of carp. This time, I also introduced the method of removing fishy thread in detail and shared it with friends who like to eat fish~~~

1. Remove the scales and gills of the fish, as well as the viscera and black membrane in the fish belly. Don't throw away the fish in the fish bubble (swim bladder) and put it back into the cleaned fish belly after washing;

2. Lay the washed carp flat, and cut it about 1cm deep at the tail, and also at the place near the head;

3. You will find a white spot in the cut cross-section. Pinch the white spot with your fingernail, then tap the fish with your other hand or square knife, and pull the white spot out. You will find that this is a white line, which is the so-called fishy line of carp. If you remove the fishy line, most of the fishy smell will be removed. The other side of the fish is also operated to take out another fishy thread;

4. Make 2 knives on both sides of the carp that takes out the fishy thread. Do not cut it deeply, or the fish will be broken when stewing, which is not complete and not good-looking;