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Preservation of black and white sesame

When black sesame is bought back, there may be some impurities. And if you use it in a hurry, it will be more troublesome. In addition, we usually use cooked sesame when cooking, and usually eat some black sesame every day is not easy to lose hair. Therefore, home to prepare some cooked sesame is a more convenient way of life.

1. Remove impurities from black (white) sesame seeds

2. Wash it with water

3. Filter dry

4. Fry in a pan over low heat

5. Keep the fried black (white) sesame in a bottle. Warm tips: 1, when frying sesame, be sure to keep it low.

2, sesame slowly jump up, in a minute or two.

3. It's easy to see whether the white sesame has been fried. It's easy to see that the surface of the sesame is yellow. In addition, when frying, you can smell a smell of sesame.

4. Black sesame is fried because the surface is black. So it's not very easy to separate from the surface. However, you can use your hand to pinch a sesame, gently can pinch open, and get together to smell the fragrance.