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How to remove the flavor of cutting board spices

How to remove the flavor of spices on the cutting board? After cutting seafood or onion and other spices, I always worry about it. After summarizing, I can share the following cleaning methods with you.

Tip 1: waste recycling. Open the empty milk box and flatten it. When cutting seafood or onion, put it on the chopping board instead of chopping board. After use, it can be recycled together with paper after simple washing.

Tip 2: natural environmental protection law. Sodium bicarbonate has excellent deodorization effect. Sprinkle 1-2 tsp Baking soda on the cutting board with peculiar smell, and then wash it with water to remove the odor.

Three tips: health management law. In addition to bleaching, there are also deodorization and sterilization functions of many oxygen-containing bleaching agents for kitchens on the market. Regular soaking can keep the cutting board clean and prolong its service life. It is better to soak in 30-50 ℃ warm water.