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Iron pot rust killer fat

How to deal with the rust of the iron pot? The problem that the iron pot does not need to remove rust for a long time always makes us tangle. Xiaobian has tried many methods in the past, but they are not satisfactory. If you want to return the iron pot to its original appearance, you need to use some fat rags.

Every time I use that iron pot, I will see a new layer of rust. Every time I use a brush, I will brush hard. In the long run, I will have to brush holes sooner or later. Once, she was seen by her friend and she said, "rust, you use skin. Hotels use skin to remove rust. '

Just at home has a piece of meat skin, a small try, the effect is really good, and in the next few days, the iron pot rust growth speed is extremely slow.

If the iron pot is heated, and then wipe the pot with meat skin, the effect will be better. It can also remove impurities and protect the pot from deterioration.

Rust is a slow oxidation that occurs in the presence of oxygen and water and has a negative effect on the body. Rust pollution has attracted attention in our daily life. If the water discharged from the water pipe is yellow, it is rust pollution. Rust can be harmful to the liver and become a hidden danger of body lesions. Finally, the fat rag changed from white to rust.