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Stewing rice with a towel in an electric cooker is fast and energy-saving

The existence of magic trick is not to let us save more energy to do more things, or simple method to save more front, in fact, there are many in our life.

Electric rice pot stewed rice covered with towel

Now every family uses electric rice cooker to stew rice. If you cover a towel on the cover of the electric rice cooker (do not block the air hole), the rice is cooked faster than not covering the towel. I've been cooking rice like this all the time. I hope everyone will try this method. It can save electricity and is easy to operate. How to defrost the refrigerator faster

The fan blows the refrigerator to defrost faster

In summer, the refrigerator freezer is often covered with thick frost, which is very difficult to remove. It takes a long time to wait for the frost to melt. I have a simple method, that is, turn the fan at the freezer and turn it to the maximum gear. After passing through the wind, the frost layer will melt quickly, which is easier to remove. What's the trick of caking sugar?

Solution to caking of sugar

The soft white sugar in the sugar jar is easy to be affected by moisture, and when it becomes hard, it will stick into a block, which is very inconvenient to use. I have a very simple way to solve this problem. When the sugar is hard and caking, put a small piece of apple in the sugar jar and close the lid. In order to prevent the apple from deteriorating, put it in the refrigerator again. In less than one or two days, the sugar in the jar will be as soft as before.

Make up to share: to teach you a practical tip, if the biscuit has been damp, you can put the biscuit on the plate, and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze, and it will be crisp in a day or two. But be careful not to put it together with raw fish, raw meat, raw seafood, etc. to prevent string flavor.