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Four methods to select superior and inferior Yuba

Yuba has a good brain function, it can prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease. This is because the content of glutamic acid in Yuba is very high, which is 2-5 times as much as that in other beans or animal foods, and glutamic acid plays an important role in brain activity. In addition, the phospholipid contained in the bean curd can also reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, and has the effect of preventing hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

1. Look at the color: the color of Yuba is wheat yellow with a little luster. The color of Yuba with poor quality is grayish yellow, yellowish brown and dark. It should also be noted that if the color is too white, it may be bleached beancurd.

2. Look at the appearance, good Yuba, facing the light, you can see a trace of fibrous tissue like lean meat; poor quality can not be seen. We can also see the cross-section of the bean curd, showing a honeycomb hollow quality.

3. Smell, bean curd is made of soybean, smell bean flavor. The quality of Yuba without smell is slightly poor. If there are other odor, such as bitter, sour smell and other pungent smell, do not buy.

4. With water bubble, the quality of the water soaked is light yellow and not turbid. After soaking in warm water, good Yuba has a certain toughness when gently pulled, and can be torn into silk.

Due to the differences in the production methods, the heat of Yuba is higher than other bean products. The calories per 100 grams of bean curd is 457 kcal (82 kcal tofu, 140 kcal dried tofu and 244 kcal oily tofu) and those who lose weight should not eat more.