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How to cut meat quickly at home

Knife work is an extremely important item in cooking. Different cutting methods may produce different flavors. For several kinds of meat which are very common in life, we should choose the right cross cutting or smooth cutting.

For fish, it is the most tender and smooth one. In principle, cross cutting, oblique cutting and parallel cutting have little influence. However, the most important thing is that there are often bone threads in the fish meat, which are also hard to prevent. What's more, it's not good to get stuck in the throat. In order to avoid this situation, it's better to cut horizontally with the fish bone along the fish lines. In this way, when the fish bone is relatively short, the phenomenon of throat sticking will be greatly reduced.

Pork is more tender than beef, but it is older than fish. Generally speaking, it is more palatable, whether it is cooked old or tender, unless it is an old man with lost teeth. However, in order to show the tenderness and freshness of pork, it is better to cut the pork according to the grain lines, so that the meat slices can be tender and refreshing, and avoid being too loose.

When it is cooked, especially for medium time (Western style beef steak is fried for seven or eight times, which is the shortest, blanching and bittern are the longest, which can avoid the disadvantage of beef toughness to a certain extent), in order to palatability, the fiber of beef should be cut off as much as possible to make it convenient to chew, so that the fiber can be cut as much as possible, it should be cut horizontally with the beef grain, so as to make the beef match For loose, you won't feel old and tough when eating.