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There's a trick to eat spicy food without getting hot

I am a person who has a very obvious reaction to spicy food. I will have constipation and sore throat when I enter the field. After a long time of collecting experiments, I summarized the following methods for people who love spicy food.

Cooking with cool food

A doctor of medicine from the Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine said that hot pepper is the cause of people getting angry. If combined with some cool food, can play a 'neutralization' role, heat clearing and fire. Such as duck meat, fish and shrimp, balsam pear, towel gourd, cucumber, lily, green leaf vegetables, etc., can clear away heat and produce body fluid, nourish yin and reduce dryness, reduce fire and detoxify, especially suitable for people with stomach heat. "Soak chili in vinegar for a while before cooking, or add some vinegar when cooking hot dishes, which can also relieve the fever," suggests professor of diet and nutrition.

Eat more sour fruits after meals

Finally, people who like spicy food should eat more sour fruits after meals. Sour fruit contains tannin, cellulose and other substances, can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, help people eat spicy Ziyin Runzao. Eat some apples, pears, pomegranates, bananas, or eat some hawthorn, grapes, grapefruit, have the effect of fire.

Fresh peppers instead of dry peppers

In addition, South Korea, winner of the world cooking contest Gold Award, reminded that using fresh peppers instead of dry peppers in cooking can reduce the risk of getting on fire. Because, the hot pepper after high temperature cooking, spicy will be reduced. If you have already put pepper in the dish, don't put pepper, large ingredients, cinnamon and other hot seasonings, or 'hot on the heat', it's easier to get on the fire.

The staple food is coarse grain

Eating hot dishes, the best staple food is coarse grain, because its dietary fiber content is rich, can prevent constipation caused by gastrointestinal dryness and heat. Corn or sweet potato is a good choice. In addition, job's tears can also be dried, if supplemented by lily porridge, the effect is more obvious.

Drink more soup

Again, drink more water or soup. Eating spicy is easy to cause dry throat, dry lips and other symptoms. At this time, pay attention to supplement water. Drink a bowl of vegetables or tomato egg soup, can have the effect of promoting fluid and moistening dryness. When eating spicy food, drink a cup of yogurt or milk, not only can relieve the spicy, but also has the effect of clearing away heat.