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Salt is more than cooking

The indispensable edible salt in diet has unimaginable super value besides its seasoning.

1. Dandruff: you have dandruff, very annoying, commonly used saline shampoo can remove dandruff, but also prevent hair loss.

2. Coffee + salt: can drink, of course, do not have a flavor (a little is good!)

3. Wash broccoli: vegetables, there are green insects, as long as you put the vegetables in salt water, those pests will climb out to worship you.

4. Vitamin C loss: crushing fruits and vegetables with juice or fruit juice extractor will lose a lot of vitamin C, so put some salt in before crushing!

5. Bowl and dish dirt: thick brine or brine + vinegar, OK!

6. Candle: light a candle and put some salt near the center of the candle to make it brighter and burn longer.

7. Cough: with salt and water ratio of 1:100, stir evenly, drink salt water with straw.

8. Moth: wood furniture will have borers, wipe with salt water on the surface of furniture, you can effectively prevent borers.

9. Boiled eggs: adding a little salt in the water can prevent the eggshell from cracking, and also can prevent the egg breaking protein from flowing out. After cooking, put in cold water, the eggshell will become very easy to peel.

10. Throat: singing, speaking will be hoarse, drink some salt water will not.

11. They can be used to wash bamboo and Rattan Ware.

12. Fire: wrapping salt in a newspaper into a fire can not only increase firepower, but also reduce smoke.

13. Brushing: brush your teeth with refined salt or salt water, and your teeth will be firmer and whiter.

14. Emetic: when food poisoning or excessive drinking cause discomfort, can use concentrated saline to help vomit.

15. Smoke and dust: when dust stains white clothes or cloth, it can be washed with warm salt water to remove dust.

16. Broom: soak the newly bought broom in salt water for a while, and it will not depilate when used after drying.

17. Clam: soak the clam in salt water and let it spit sand before cooking, so as to avoid eating sand.

18. Milk: don't be afraid of milk taste, salt can be preserved for a few days will not change, expired can also be used to bake cake and bath shampoo.

19. Steamed rice: salt water and washed rice into the electric rice pot, not only steamed rice loose and soft, but also has a unique flavor.

20. Fruit: apples, pears and other iron bearing fruits will change color after peeling for a long time. Don't worry, as long as the peeled fruit is put into brine, it can prevent discoloration.

21. Take a bath: add some bath salt or salt when you take a bath in the bathtub. It can not only kill bacteria, but also make you feel refreshed.

Vinegar: add some salt to the vinegar to keep it long.

23. Scald marks: if there are scalding marks on tables and chairs, mix them with olive oil and salt, and then wipe them off for an hour before they are restored to their original state.

24. Weeding: if the weeds in your home grow fast, you can sprinkle a large amount of salt on the weeds, and it can be done after 3 or 4 days.

25. Cramp: if there is cramp and chills, stir fry the salt, wrap it with cloth, and wipe it back and forth in 4 limbs!

26. Burning and scalding: soak the wound in saline water for 10 minutes or sprinkle it with salt to relieve pain and kill bacteria.

27, towel: towel used for a long time, there will be wet sticky phenomenon, can be rubbed with salt, washed with water will not be wet sticky.

28. Woodwork: woodwork will turn black after being used for a long time. It can be recovered after wiping it with salt water.

29. Splashing oil: when frying food, put a little salt in the pan, which can not only prevent the oil from gushing out, but also avoid burning.

Xiaobian sharing: in Xiaobian's beauty diary, I said that adding salt to mask paste can effectively eliminate acne.