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Discussion on the secret of pork saying "one month is not bad"

The front-end time heard that it would be good to drink pork soup when dystocia occurs, and I don't know whether science is unscientific. Xiaobian knows that when frying pork, you must not smoke. When cooking pork at high temperature, the chemicals emitted will combine with carcinogenic chemicals in cigarettes to improve the risk of cancer.

Pork is one of the most important animal foods on people's dining table. Because pork fiber is more soft, less connective tissue, muscle tissue contains more intramuscular fat, therefore, after cooking processing, meat taste is not delicious.

1. It is not suitable to drink a large amount of tea after eating pork, because the tannic acid of tea and protein will synthesize convergent tannic protein, which will slow down the intestinal peristalsis and prolong the retention time of feces in the intestinal tract. It is not only easy to cause constipation, but also increase the absorption of toxic and carcinogenic substances, affecting health;

2. In the meat shop, there are often upper meat and medium meat respectively marked. At this time, as long as you look at the meat color, you can see its softness. For the same kind of pork, if the meat color is red, it means that the meat is older. This kind of meat is thick and hard, so it is better not to buy it. However, if the color is light red, the meat quality is softer and the quality is better.

3. Understanding the pork containing clenbuterol: the lean meat fed with clenbuterol has a bright red appearance, loose fiber, and a small amount of water seeps out from time to time, while the normal lean pork is light red, with good elasticity and no sweating phenomenon. In addition, it depends on whether the pork has fat. If the pork is lean under the skin or has only a small amount of fat, the pork may contain clenbuterol.

4. Once the raw pork is stuck with dirty things, it is greasy to wash with water, but the more dirty it will be. If you wash it twice with warm rice water, and then rinse it with water, you can easily remove the dirty things. In addition, you can also take a ball of good flour and roll it back and forth on the dirty meat, and it will stick away quickly. How can pork be preserved for longer time

5. Pork storage:

1. Cut the meat into pieces, put it into a plastic box, spray a layer of cooking wine, cover it, and put it into the freezer of the refrigerator. It can be stored for 1 day without changing its flavor.

2. Cut the meat into slices, then spread the meat slices in a metal basin, freeze hard in the freezer, and then wrap the meat slices layer by layer with plastic film, and store them in the refrigerator freezer for 1 month without deterioration.

3. Cut the meat into meat slices, add oil in the pot, stir fry until the meat turns color, put it into the refrigerator after cooling.

6. Because pork also has a fishy smell, many people don't like it. This is because fat has a smell of oil after a long time, and then it has luster and elasticity when pressed, that is, fresh meat. If the meat quality is not solid, and the color is not fresh, the fat contained in the meat will not taste good in cooking. Once the fat is oxidized, it will easily cause stomach I don't feel well. The period of deterioration of pork is three times faster than that of beef.

Xiaobian share: pork provides high quality protein and essential fatty acids for human beings. Pork can provide heme (organic iron) and cysteine, which can promote iron absorption, and can improve iron deficiency anemia. Adults can meet their needs by 80-100 grams a day. Children can take 50 grams a day.