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How to distinguish true and false honey? How to check whether honey has impurities

How to distinguish the true from the false honey? How to check whether there are impurities in honey? People are more and more aware of the benefits of honey. Now there are more and more people who add water or sucrose to honey, and some honey will be mixed with flour or starch. There is a trick to distinguish whether there are impurities in honey.

1. Drop the honey on the white paper. If the honey gradually seeps, it is mixed with sucrose and water.

2. Honey mixed with flour, starch or corn flour is turbid in color and not sweet enough.

3. Insert the red wire into the honey. If the wire is attached with sticky substance, it indicates that there are impurities in the honey.

4. Picking up honey with chopsticks can pull long silk, and the broken silk will automatically retract into a ball, which is the top grade.