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How to keep seasonings in summer

In summer, we are more worried about the condiments in the kitchen broken or moisture-proof measures are not done well, mildew, summer how to save seasonings and ingredients have a trick.

Edible oil: edible oil should be filled in earthen jars, jars or glass bottles, and direct contact with metal and plastic containers should be avoided as far as possible. The oil container must be clean, dry and well sealed. Hot salt can be added to the oil according to the ratio of 40:1, so as to absorb water and keep the oil clear and fragrant. The edible oil should be placed in a cool and ventilated place with backlight, and the bottle with dark color is better.

Soy sauce: drop a layer of cooked soybean oil or sesame oil on the bottle containing soy sauce, so that soy sauce is isolated from the air, so that it is not easy to mold. A few cloves of raw garlic in soy sauce can also prevent mildew.

Sugar, salt: the weather is getting hot, sugar is easy to melt, can be put into the porcelain pot, press hard, cover tightly, to prevent air penetration. This method can also be used to prevent salt from moisture.

Cooking wine: the cooking wine should be stored in a glass bottle and the bottle cap should be tightened. In summer, bulk cooking wine is easy to deteriorate. It is better to use bottled rice wine with good quality and refrigerate it in refrigerator after opening.

Rice vinegar: it should be used within the shelf life in cold days. It is recommended to use bottled vinegar and store it in a cool place (or refrigerate it in the refrigerator) after opening.

Starch: starch belongs to grain products, should pay attention to moisture, mildew, insects, dust. Due to limited service life, it is better to purchase small package products to ensure freshness.

Warm reminder: seasonings are used every day. If it is easy to mildew, do not use it.