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How to keep lotus root for a long time

How to do if you can't eat the lotus root bought from your family for a while? Especially in summer, the weather is hot and the food is easy to change color and taste. Lotus root is also the case. If it is not properly preserved, it will rust and color, and the taste will be greatly reduced. How to keep the lotus root for a long time? Sihai kitchen gives you a tip: raise lotus root like a fish.

How to keep the lotus root for a long time? Wash the soil of the fresh lotus root, put it into the water tank or bucket vertically (root downward), submerge it with water (cut off from the node when it is too long), and change the water every 5 to 6 days. This method can be stored for 2 months in winter. Even in summer, it can be stored for half a month as long as the water is changed frequently.

Maybe some friends will remember to store things in the refrigerator. In summer, the refrigerator is not a safe place for all food. Some food can be put in the refrigerator, and some can't. lotus roots are kept as fish in summer.