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Dragon Boat Festival how to eat Zongzi not fat? Eat Zongzi also have tips

Can you get fat eating zongzi? How can you eat Zongzi to avoid getting fat? And how to eat Zongzi is delicious? It turns out that eating zongzi also has tips. Dragon Boat Festival how to eat Zongzi will not be fat? Eating zongzi also has tips.

1. Zongzi is not easy to digest, so eating zongzi should pay attention to the right amount, do not eat a lot at a time, so as to avoid indigestion.

2. For diabetic patients and other special groups, we can choose the suitable varieties according to their physical conditions.

3. For bulk zongzi should pay attention to a small amount of purchase, or eat now buy, to avoid deterioration of zongzi, affect health.

4. For vacuum packaging and quick-frozen rice dumplings, they should be preserved according to the storage method shown on the label after purchase, and processed according to the edible method indicated in the label. For vacuum packaging products, pay attention not to buy and eat Zongzi with inflated bags and air leakage.

If the meat dumplings into small pieces, mixed with some vegetables, add some seasoning, can be made into simple fried stuffing. This kind of stuffing can also be used to make 'bean skin'. This kind of Wuhan snack is made by mixing bean noodles into slurry water. Eggs are added when the dough is spread out. Then the meat, shrimp, mushrooms, vegetables, scallion and ginger powder, seasoning are mixed together to make stuffing, wrapped and fried, and finally cut into blocks for eating. It's really delicious to make stuffing with meat dumplings!