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Do you want to put alkali in zongzi

Northerners do not have the habit of putting alkali into dumplings. Why should we put alkali in dumplings? How much alkali should be put into dumplings? First of all, let's understand the reasons for putting the alkali into it. Experts from Sihai food website will explain it to you one by one.

Why do you put alkali in dumplings? It's good to keep them in alkaline water. If you don't, it's easy to break them, especially when it's hot.

Why do you put alkali in dumplings: 1. The rice is cooked rotten and sticky. 2. Rice color yellow, good-looking. 3. The time of soaking rice before cooking can be longer, the rice hair is better, and it is not sour.

How much alkali should you put in zongzi? There is a way to put it bit by bit, because the more alkali, the rice will turn yellow, the more alkali, the more yellow the rice.

I think the rice is light yellow (very light) is more appropriate.