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How to keep plums when they can't finish eating? There are some tips for fresh plums storage

Fresh plums are thin in skin, soft in meat and juicy in juice. They are very delicious. If you eat too many plums, they are easy to catch fire. It's better to eat less. Because of the characteristics of plums, it's very difficult to keep them in hot summer. How can we keep them when we can't finish eating them? There are some tips for storing fresh plums.

First of all, it is necessary to harvest in time. Timely harvest without injury is the key measure to prolong the storage life of plum. The best harvest time was when the peel changed from green to the unique color of the variety, there was a thin layer of fruit powder on the surface and the flesh was still hard. Harvest should be carried out under dry climate conditions. When picking, hold the fruit stem with your fingers and pick the fruit from the fruit branch. Do not hold the fruit body, so as not to touch the wax layer on the fruit and affect the appearance and storage effect. The fruits should be harvested in batches.

It should be pre cooled before preservation. A lot of people will ignore this. In order to effectively prevent brown rot and soft rot, the plum must be cooled to below 4-5 ℃ within 3 hours and 24 hours at the latest. Pre cooling method: the fruit was put into 0.5-1 ℃ cold water for cooling treatment.

packing. The precooled plums can be packed with lined packing paper or wooden cases with plastic plates after being selected and graded. 20-30 plums are placed in each layer. It can also be packed in cartons. Each plum is packed with paper single fruit and put into the box neatly and tightly. A layer of partition is added between each layer. Each box contains 10-15kg fruit.

If you buy too many plums at home and can't eat them, don't wash them. Put them in the refrigerator, such as plums, peaches and apricots. Don't wash them before they are stored in summer. How to wash them and put them in the refrigerator is not easy to keep.