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How to choose rice dumpling leaves

Now there are many people preparing for the coming Dragon Boat Festival. How to choose the leaves of zongzi? What are the tips for choosing a good zongzi leaf? Polish your eyes, practice a pair of golden eyes, and teach you how to choose healthy, green and pollution-free zongzi leaves. Because a lot of leaves on the market are green rice dumplings.

The more beautiful the color, the more toxic: don't buy too bright green zongzi. The leaves of rice dumplings are too bright green, which is obtained by turning the original color of the rice dumplings back to green with chemical dyes. The zongzi wrapped in normal fresh leaves should be yellow after being cooked.

By the way, I would like to teach you how to recognize the green rice dumplings

1. After boiling, the water of normal rice dumpling leaves is light yellow, and that of 'green rice dumpling leaves' is green.

2. The color of normal rice dumpling leaves is dark yellow, and the 'green leaves' are green and attractive.

3. The normal brown leaves had a strong fragrance, while the 'green rice dumplings' had no or even a slight sulfur smell.

As long as you practice a pair of golden eyes, then you don't have to worry about the selection of all black heart food, the original selection of rice dumpling leaves is also a kind of knowledge, need to learn well.