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How to preserve zongzi leaves

Bought some zongzi leaves, this year bought some more, put in the water every day is not a way, ah, still need to change water, more trouble, there is no good way to keep the zongzi leaf for a long time? How should the zongzi leaf be preserved?

If you want to keep it for a long time, you may as well listen to the opinions of netizens

Dugu Yiren: don't wash the rice dumpling leaves when you buy them, and then put them directly into the freezer. You can try them first. This is how my mother-in-law keeps them. It's very fresh when they go back to the Spring Festival.

Red leaf: dry and store, press with something when cool, so it won't wrinkle.

Long Kunlun: fold the leaves of rice dumplings in half and tie them up with ropes from the empty place in the middle to dry them. When using them, they will be soft with water bubbles and will not roll up.

The above are all suggestions given by netizens, which can keep the leaves of zongzi for a long time. If you soak them in water for a short time, you can keep them in accordance with the suggestions of netizens for a long time. To remind you, when you buy zongzi leaves, you need to realize that if it is too fresh and green, it will lead to poisoning. I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.