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How to keep fresh broad beans? Long term preservation of broad beans

Faba beans are now on the market. Due to different geographical locations, many people can't eat fresh broad beans. How to keep fresh broad beans? There is a trick to preserve them for a long time. Let's see how to keep them longer.

Preservation method 1: fresh food cold storage method.

Remove the hard shell of fresh broad beans and clean them. Keep it in the refrigerator and take it when you eat it.

Storage method 2: half cooked cold storage method

Clean the fresh broad beans, add boiling water to cook, about eight minutes cooked, and then take out, you can add a little salt, taste. Put in the container such as dustpan, food basin to dry, and then put the refrigerator to freeze, when eating thawing can be processed.

Storage method 3: dry storage method.

Dry in the sun, dry to very dry, you know, moist food is easy to breed bacteria or mildew, clean and store. Put it in a ventilated, dry place or put it in the skin. You don't need to peel it completely. A small hole is enough.

There are many ways to keep fresh broad beans fresh. The above methods are relatively simple and practical. It's hot in summer and food is not easy to store. You might as well try the small weaving method, which is absolutely effective.