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How long can eggs be preserved at room temperature? How to keep eggs for a long time

Eggs are eaten almost every day. Of course, every family will store some eggs. People often don't pay too much attention to the methods of egg storage. When they are ready to cook, they find that the eggs are broken. How long can eggs be kept at room temperature? How to keep them for a long time?

Eggs provide a lot of protein for human body, which is the basic requirement of human nutrition. But don't forget, eggs also have a shelf life. How to keep eggs for a long time?

Nutrition experts said that under the temperature of 2-5 ℃, eggs can be kept for about a month, 15 days at room temperature in winter and 10 days at room temperature in summer. In order to keep the eggs fresh, many families keep them for a few more days, which are usually stored in the refrigerator's freezer. Keep eggs in refrigerator. Don't wash them with water. Eggs with dirt can be wiped with a semi wet towel soaked in warm water, and then put them in the refrigerator with the big head up and the small head down. It can keep fresh for a long time. In the egg surface evenly coated with a layer of edible oil, or wrapped with plastic film into the refrigerator, can prevent the evaporation of water in the eggshell, prevent external bacteria from invading the egg.

Many families find that the eggs they buy have excrement on them, so they wash them and put them in the refrigerator. This is a very wrong practice. Eggs can not be washed directly with water before they are stored, so that the storage time will be long.