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How to keep cooked zongzi? How to keep dumplings fresh after eating

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. The delicious rice dumplings have been on the people's table. The Chinese have the custom to send zongzi to relatives and friends on the Dragon Boat Festival. What can we do if we can't finish eating them. Especially in this hot summer. How to keep the cooked zongzi? How to keep it if you can't finish eating it?

Due to the hot weather, high temperature and high humidity in summer, it is suitable for the growth and reproduction of various microorganisms, pathogenic bacteria and molds. The water content of zongzi is composed of glutinous rice, meat (or bean paste), which is easy to deteriorate after being stored at room temperature for more than 2 hours. 'Do not buy or eat rice dumplings that are stored at room temperature and sold without refrigeration facilities. Those that need to be kept for a long time should be put into the quick freezing layer of the refrigerator. '

Zongzi can only be cooked and preserved. Don't put it in the fresh-keeping layer after cooking. It's easy to break if you put it there. If you put it on the frozen layer, it won't go bad after ten and a half days.

How to eat Zongzi healthily: after buying zongzi home, it should be thoroughly heated before eating. At the same time, due to the large size of some zongzi, and the production and processing of zongzi are carried out in batches, it is inevitable that some zongzi are sandwiched. Therefore, after returning home, they are found to be undercooked and cooked thoroughly, so they should be cooked and eaten again.

Because most of the dumplings are made of glutinous rice, which is not easy to digest, we should not eat too much at a time, especially for the elderly, children and people with poor gastrointestinal function as well as patients, and they should eat less, causing stomach pain and indigestion.