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How to do with too much soup when frying vegetables

The main reason for excessive cooking and frying vegetable soup is that the raw material itself has too much water, and the water is not drained when washing, or the raw material is soaked in water for a long time, so the raw material absorbs more water; and it is also related to improper cooking temperature. If the temperature is low, the water in the raw material will evaporate less; if the heating time is too long, the water in the raw material will flow out in large amount. When seasoning, adding salt too early or adding too much soup will naturally make the dish soup too much.

The method to prevent too much soup should be determined according to the nature of the raw materials and cooking requirements: some dishes are salted before heating to remove part of the water and then cooked; some dishes are blanched, squeezed and drained with water to reduce part of the water in the raw materials. Shortening the heating time and not releasing salt early can also reduce the water outflow of raw materials.